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Provides 4Mt reductions per year

Supplies 160Kt of Negative Emission Hydrogen per year.

Is an investment of approximately $6B of private sector capital

25,000 person years of labour from the building trades and boilermakers to build each Hub

Once operational, would support 2,900 workers

  • ~2200 to supply the fibre

  • ~350 at the waste wood pellet plant

  • ~350 at the Hub

  • more in transportation and CO₂ sequestration roles.

Will create around $17.3B of direct and $10.6B indirect tax receipts and a multiplier effect of $15.8B.

We can Support Social Progress +

Make a Difference in the Climate & Clean Economy Right Now.

The benefits of one H2N Carbon Removal and Negative Emission Hydrogen Hub:

Building a New Industry in Global CO₂ Reduction and Clean Fuels is our Next Big Opportunity.

The bioenergy sector is a transformational opportunity for Indigenous peoples to build and lead a new industry supporting Canada’s clean energy transition.

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