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Hydrogen Naturally  is building a new industry in Canada. 

Our plan is to build world-scale facilities producing Negative Emission Hydrogen, or Bright Green™ Hydrogen, from forestry wood waste with carbon capture and sequestration.

With more than $6 billion in local investment, the first Carbon Removal and Bright Green™ Hydrogen Hub will be built in Western Canada.​

The Hub will create more than 2,900 new jobs in the energy transition.

Affordable air capture.

Affordable carbon negative hydrogen.

Provides 4Mt reductions per year

Supplies 160Kt of Negative Emission Hydrogen per year.

Is an investment of approximately $6B of private sector capital

25,000 person years of labour from the building trades and boilermakers to build each Hub

Once operational, would support 2,900 workers

  • ~2200 to supply the fibre

  • ~350 at the waste wood pellet plant

  • ~350 at the Hub

  • more in transportation and CO₂ sequestration roles.

Will create around $17.3B of direct and $10.6B indirect tax receipts and a multiplier effect of $15.8B.

We can Support Social Progress +

Make a Difference in the Climate & Clean Economy Right Now.

The benefits of one H2N Carbon Removal and Negative Emission Hydrogen Hub:

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Hydrogen Naturally

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