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The H2N Plan Works Today.

Hydrogen Naturally is using proven technology, sustainable forest waste fibre, and in-depth knowledge of carbon sequestration to build a reliable long lasting hydrogen supply source.

1. Carbon Capture,
Done Naturally

A tree captures CO₂ from the air at 400 parts per million and converts it to 500,000 parts per million in its wood. A tree has a head start over a machine. We call our plan Natural Air Capture or NAC. It’s carbon removal using waste fibre while making a renewable fuel.​

2. Create Canadian Made Wood Waste Pellets

Our plan is to manufacture wood waste pellets from the parts of trees not used for lumber or paper. The treetops, branches, as well as the sawdust, chips, and shavings, will be recycled into wood waste pellets.

3. Gasification of Wood 
Waste Pellets

By gasifying the wood waste pellets, H2N will make two products - Bright Green™, Negative Emission Hydrogen (H₂) and pure CO₂, which we will permanently sequester. 

4. Sequestration

CO₂ is then compressed and piped to a dedicated sequestration well for permanent storage underground. With the higher carbon concentration in the wood, H2N has a head start to sequester the CO₂, compared to a machine used for air capture. There is no point in collecting CO₂ if you can’t dispose of it permanently. We see CCS as a critical element of any air capture plan.

5. Negative Emission Hydrogen 
for Refining, Power and 
Fertilizer Production

Our Bright Green™ Hydrogen is ready for use to lower carbon intensity in Canadian industry and utilities.

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