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We've created a special set of videos explaining Hydrogen Naturally's work, and impact. Learn more about our plans below.

Our Videos

Welcome to The Eco Innovators podcast, your premier source for in-depth conversations with Canada's foremost thought leaders shaping the future of energy and natural resources.

The Eco Innovators Podcast

Builders of the Decarbonization Infrastructure that our Planet Needs.

Our plan is to build world scale facilities producing negative emission hydrogen, or Bright Green™ Hydrogen, from forestry wood waste with carbon capture and sequestration.

With more than $6 billion in local investment, the first Carbon Removal and Bright Green™ Hydrogen Hub will be built in Western Canada.


The Hub will create more than 2,900 new jobs in the energy transition.


Hydrogen Naturally (H2N) will Build the Largest Bioenergy Infrastructure Project in Canadian History.

Big Enough to Make a Difference.

Based on a proven track record of financing, building and operating large infrastructure assets across North America, Hydrogen Naturally (H2N) has the forestry, renewable energy and carbon capture and sequestration credentials necessary to build negative emission hydrogen infrastructure at scale.   

A New Bioenergy Opportunity for Canada.

Canadian Made Decarbonization

Bright Green™ Hydrogen can be used to displace fossil-based energy, shrinking carbon emissions and supporting Canada's net zero objectives.

As a negative emission fuel, Bright Green™ Hydrogen can power our industries and transportation, while reducing compliance costs and supporting durable forestry, manufacturing and processing jobs in Canada.

Benefits to Canada’s Forest Sector

With 9% of the world’s forests, Canada has a distinct advantage globally to build a Natural Air Capture and Bright Green Hydrogen industry.  

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